??Did you know that Homeoprophylaxis…

  • is a safe and dependable alternative to vaccination.
  • uses homeopathic remedies created from infectious diseases, to educate the immune system to combat these diseases.
  • has been proven highly effective in large-scale studies in Cuba, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India and many other countries around the world.
  • can be given to vaccinated children or partially vaccinated children to enhance the effective processing of each vaccine while helping to detox unwanted effects of each vaccine.
  • can confer longer-lasting immunity because it exercises the general immune system as well as the humoral (anti-body producing) immune system. Vaccines bypass the general immune system because they are injected into the blood stream and do not contact the mucous membranes. Nature planned for us to fight these diseases first through contact with our general immune system, via our mucous membranes!
  • can be easily administered at home, by parents/caregivers. All that is required is working with a certified homeoprophylaxis supervisor, at minimal cost, to answer questions and give support along the way.

While vaccination can cause allergies and behavioral (nervous system) disorders, including delayed development, homeoprophylaxis enhances healthy development of the immune system, nervous system and whole being. This is because it mimics, in an extremely gentle manner, the evolutionary relationship between the developing human immune system, developing societies, and infectious diseases.

Children who have undergone homeoprophylaxis programs have shown, compared to vaccinated children –

  • fewer ear, nose and throat conditions
  • fewer skin conditions
  • fewer allergies
  • less incidence of asthma
  • fewer behavioral conditions

Please email me at oonaghtaeger@gmail.com to arrange a free 20-minute consultation if you would like to discuss this option for yourself or your family. I can provide homeoprophylaxis supervision locally or at a distance, by phone or Skype.


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