Commitment to Self

birth of a sunOne of the core values of my healing practice is Self-Responsibility.  Healing begins when you are ready to do the steadfast work of aligning your thought and action with the perspective and intention of your Spirit.

My gift to you for the New Year, 2016, is to share with you an invocation of Commitment to Self that I am placing at the heart of my healing programs. I wrote it in the middle of last night, during a lengthy flood of insight about my healing work. I feel it is a co-creation from my understanding meshing with the wisdom of my guides and my Source. I know it will change the lives of those who keep it in mind and regularly speak it, until the time when self love is such a strong habit that it is no longer needed.

Note: It is important to speak this invocation aloud.



I commit to putting first things first.

I commit to loving myself and welcoming the return and healing of all aspects of my being.

I no longer accept the belief that any aspect of me is bad, wrong or unworthy. I choose to gently release such beliefs as they arise in my awareness.

I understand that there is no priority in this lifetime greater than loving and honoring my Self.

I understand that I embody a unique aspect of the Divine, and that I am precious and essential to All That Is.

I acknowledge that my Divine Source loves and cherishes me far beyond my current comprehension.

I accept responsibility for my healing journey, and for my persistent choice to discover and merge with my True and Eternal Self.