Holism and the Box of Crayons

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My healing practice embraces holism as a central value. But what does this mean? We have some understanding of holism from the physics of holograms, and from our budding awareness of what it means to live in a Universe governed by the the principles of quantum physics. For instance we know that everything is connected in ways that are not obvious to the naked eye. And we know that in a hologram, any tiny part of it that you can separate and examine still contains the entire image.

I want to think with you about what holism means to us practically. I think it is not a set of instructions about what to eat, where to shop, what kind of car to drive, or whether we should be living ‘on the grid’. Nor does it hold a set of specific instructions about justice, tolerance and world peace. Those choices are all moving targets that evolve over time, as humans evolve and take thought to new levels.

I think we can say that living holisticially will naturally lead to the most loving choices that an individual can make at any given time, in accordance with their own evolution. We are so often tempted to judge the choices of others. But if we live in a Universe whose most fundamental characteristic is Love, and if we believe that humans are inherently good (and I do!), then what we most need to do to take care of our planet is to foster the wholeness of each human being. And knowing how to do that depends entirely on first learning to do it for yourself.

Holism and health are not static states of perfection. Holism is tied to our evolutionary nature – we are in a state of continual becoming. There is a traditional belief that we are aimed to evolve to a set point which, when reached, will remove us from the karmic wheel and tip us into Nirvana – done. I would like to suggest another possibility: that as beings whose true and eternal nature is the Divine, we are continually reaching for and participating in the creation of the new. That together we are Team Universe, within the framework of this time-space, from the foundations of the past expanding ever outward into larger, finer, more beautiful, more elegant, more joyful Being.

And this is occurring on all levels: we have our personal expansion, we have the evolution of our communities, and of all the larger realities of which we are a part, at every level, in what may be an endless series of Wholenesses.

So holism has movement and change. It speaks to our ability to be present with and fully respond to the movement of our lives – to cope gracefully with all of the different challenges that arise in the course of our own life journey.

In this flow of life, we ‘play’ with a set of universal dynamics – these are like tools for responding to different situations. In health, we flexibly select (or sometimes surrender to) the dynamic which is suitable to the situation at hand. Think of a huge box of crayons of every possible color, so that whatever you want to create, you can choose exactly the right hue.

In our box of crayons, each color is an archetype. In various traditions, there are different ways of depicting these archetypes. In every mythology there is a set of figures and stories that embody distinct dynamics – think of the Gods and Goddesses of Greek mythology with their specialized personalities and focuses. The cards of the Tarot depict major archetypes that form the full cycle of human spiritual development. The hexagrams of the I Ching are likewise a catalog of dynamics needed to successfully traverse the dao, ones path of spiritual evolution. And in homeopathy, our materia medica – our remedies – reflect a vast range of highly specific archetypal dynamics, even the strangest and most unlikely-seeming of which will turn out to be a remedy for somebody, somewhere.

I’d like to invite you to a mode of healing in which we re-member your wholeness. Having every color of crayon available to you means that instead of stress reactions, you meet challenges flexibly with the most appropriate response. In terms of health, this translates to emotional and physical freedom and well-being. In terms of your life, it translates to confidence, creativity, connection and a sense of joyful ease. To get there, we will take a conscious path of looking deeply into the ‘parts’ of you that are suffering, through journeying, homeopathic wisdom, ancestral story and at times past life story. Here we listen to the sacred messages your Wholeness, leading you back to your Self.


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