The Women’s Power Project

In our soul history and in our ancestral history, we have come through a long era of oppression of feminine power. We recognize the depth of this oppression, and the incursion of heavy trauma that it has caused, reinforced over generations and lifetimes. We see the imprints of this trauma in our mothers, sisters, dearest friends, and in ourselves.

The Women’s Power Project is a group healing journey, for the final release of the imprints of misogyny from the hearts and minds of women, and the welcoming and activation of our full divine power. It is for the complete acceptance and loving of ourselves as women and as world creators.

For some of us the imprints of misogyny feel like remnants, shreds. For some of us they are speaking through our lives, or families, our creations, in less subtle ways. For all of us they are insidious, where these remnants still exist.

Though this project has been gestating for nearly a year, its birth is also my response to our political and societal challenges, highlighted so dramatically in the recent presidential election. The Women’s Power Project is intended not only for healing ourselves through the magnified energy – the synergy – of the group, but has the intention of healing for the collective. Those joining should feel drawn to work at this interpersonal level as well as the personal.

Methodology: Energetic remedies including homeopathically potentized gem essences, and resonances created by Source Medicine (, will be used collectively in this circle, in conjunction with group processing through meditation, sharing and compassionate listening.

This is a new project, and the input and experience of each circle member will be held as instructive and integral to its development.

If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact me via email at, or phone me at (415) 233-3606, to set up a time for a conversation.