My remarkable adventure in Crystal Structures with homeopathic pioneer, Peter Tumminello


In 2004 Australian homeopath, Peter Tumminello gifted the world with Twelve Jewels, his first book on gem remedies in homeopathy.  Through in-depth experimentation and years of clinical results, Peter evolved a homeopathic understanding of Gem remedies as a new ‘family’, with distinct themes in common. These remedies are uniquely suited to spiritual healing and development. They are widely needed at this time of planetary changes. They heal the psyche and facilitate alignment with spirit. At the physical level, they also catalyze the healing of serious chronic disease, which so often has spiritual disconnection caused by deep trauma as one of its primary roots.

Peter Tumminello has, for the past several years, been busy writing the book that will introduce his next huge contribution to homeopathy. Through his intimate work with hundreds of gem remedies, Peter began to explore the ideas of German crystal expert Michael Gienger1, who postulated that the seven basic habits of crystallization – plus an 8th structure-less state – in the world of minerals, corresponds to 8 basic personality types in human beings. Why this is useful: crystal, or gem, remedies can be matched to the people who need them, according to this typology.

Even more useful: all mineral remedies fall into one of these basic structures (crystallization types), and so this archetype-matching can be applied to the wider world of homeopathic remedies, not just to the gems.

In what turned out to be a hugely fortuitous meeting with Peter in August of 2014, I volunteered my services as a pre-publication reader of his next book, which I imagined would be the next collection of information on specific gem remedies. I had no altruistic motive – I simply wanted first crack at learning all I could from this remarkable homeopathic pioneer. Because I was successfully connecting with his work, he accepted my offer. He then surprised me with the story of his new work on Crystal Structures (which was to remain in confidence till he revealed it to the homeopathic community in the fall of 2016). I realized I had signed up for something quite different than I had anticipated.

Nearly 2 ½ years later, I am meeting weekly with Peter in Skype to pour through chapters, discussing my comments and my questions.2 For me, this amounts to a free weekly, in-depth tutorial with one of my most respected teachers. As a result, what first seemed to me an abstract system is now coming to life in my mind, and showing itself to be one of the most elegantly clarifying windows into the psyches and entire make-ups of human beings. It is leading to the discovery of more deeply healing remedies for my clients, including for some whose cases seemed too difficult for success with homeopathy.

Though I never said so to Peter, I was not really excited to be working on a book on yet another homeopathic methodology. I went along for the ride out of trust, based on the beauty and importance of his previous work. Now that I am immersed in the project, I am full of gratitude to Peter, and excitement at learning this new way of seeing. I am delighting in the journey of integrating it into my practice. Like the gems themselves, it is a transmitter of true Light.


2  A testament to his dedication to the quality of the coming book as readable and effective teaching material, Peter is meeting individually with a small group of pre-publication readers in this way.