Amethyst Immersion


Amethyst is love crystalized. One way to describe the spirit of Amethyst is Christ Consciousness.2 It is love that is universal and unconditional.

It also is the remedy for the uniting and integration of spirit and matter – Divine Love made manifest as our earthly reality. A prover3 of the remedy expressed it in this way: “A balance of sky meeting sea, of Sun and Earth merged into one. Overall it relates to Heaven meeting Earth and creating a balance.”4

The union of Heaven and Earth is a spiritual attainment, a living ascension. Thus Amethyst is one of the greatest remedies of spiritual transformation. Those who need this remedy may be on the brink of realizing this union in their lives, yet still needing to release some old emotional clutter in order to step fully into their heart-centered awareness.

Conversely, the negative state of Amethyst is hellish. People needing this remedy may be, or may feel that they are, in a state of utter deprivation of love and connection. This is due to being pinched off from their connection to Source and thus to their own inner being, the true self. It is a feeling of withering and wasting from lack of love.

It can be the most appropriate remedy for those who are experiencing bereavement, or for those whose family or group connections are being disrupted by some severe stress. It can also be a remedy for the most neglected people, such as starving children with marasmus, or kwashiorkor.

In the proving, a central image was of being alone at sea, entirely cut off from loving connection, and in shackles. The feeling of imprisonment comes from the extreme dis-empowerment that comes with the disconnection from one’s true being. With this comes the belief that love must be attained from outside of oneself, for example, in the guise of an ideal lover. The only thing which can ever fill the role of the ideal lover is the true love of self, which comes through connection to ones Source, and this is freedom. Therefore, Amethyst is also the remedy of true freedom.

The specific themes that arose in the proving underline how wide-reaching the essence of unconditional love, or its lack, is in our lives:

Racism; segregated groups divided by misunderstanding and hatred. Persecution. Torture.

Families torn apart by conflict or emotional trauma.

Brings: nurturing, belonging, reassurance and unity; able to face life’s greatest crises together. p. 19

Lack of boundaries in relationships: neediness and the desire to merge; assists in forming healthy boundaries so that true union of whole individuals becomes possible. p. 20

Isolation; alienation. “A feeling of being hurled into space” p. 22 ‘out-of-body’, ungrounded feeling.

Integration of sexuality and self. p. 24

Anxiety, fear and shock. The anxiety can be overwhelming, as in a fear of annihilation. p. 26

post-natal depression, with difficulty in bonding with the child.

Easily drained by the energy of others. Brings a feeling of being contained; energizing.

Unwarranted guilt; guilt about sexuality. Letting go of guilt.

Renewing the joy of loving connections.



1  The information about Amethyst in this post comes from Peter Tumminello’s Twelve Jewels (see footnote 4).

2  There are many definitions for ‘Christ Consciousness’, but the simplest and most direct may be the following: Christ Consciousness is the growing human recognition and blending of the human evolutionary (or ego) mind with the Divine Mind and the Divine Personality that is the source of human happiness and fulfillment. – from the website of The Center for Christ Consciousness.

3  The provers of a remedy are those who, in a controlled experiment, take the remedy with the intention of discovering its effects.

4  Tumminello, Peter L.. “Amethyst.” In Twelve Jewels: gems in homeopathy. St. Leonards, N.S.W.: Medicine Way, 2005, p. 39