Skype sessions: creating a virtual healing space

fiddleheadsIn any type of healing session, together the practitioner and client must ‘hold a space’ – that is, they must create an environment that is maximally supportive of the client’s healing. I have found that  the ‘virtual space’ provided by a video-chat connection is, in its own way, as well-suited suited for this goal than the traditional office visit.

My experience with clients has shown that when we work in Skype, we benefit from a lack of the distractions which are a normal part of interacting in a physical environment. There is less awkwardness about being with a new person in a new place, for a purpose which is by nature intimate. Instead, there is a tendency to focus more readily and easily on the purpose at hand. Comfortable in your own home, you may feel more relaxed and able to flow with the work we do together.

Before and after the appointment there are no transportation logistics to attend to. There is no traffic stress. After a session you can be free to relax, and to process and ground the healing that has occurred and the insights that have been reached. Another way to say this is that you can remain in and even chose to amplify the healing energy field for yourself, through self care, or through doing precisely what you feel inspired to do in the moment. I do encourage this!

Overall I see these aspects of working in Skype as a ‘focus benefit’. It can be a kind of shortcut to getting down to the business of healing.

Along with my local office clients, I enthusiastically welcome Skype clients into my practice!